Hello Lovely Ladies!!!

So, you want to know who we are, eh? Well, we are very much interested in you as well. Make sure you join our mailing list after reading below.

We sell some of everything and nothing in particular. We love clothing so much that its like watching that Seinfield show.....you watch it knowing you will feel better but, have no expectation of any particular thing. You don't know exactly what you will find but, it will be something. And, IF you need something in particular 'just ask'  


CoOwners, Missy(Operations) and Sandra(Tailor), are native Detroiters have decades of clothing experience between them and have been dressing Metro Detroit women with simple to unique fashions. These ladies may be low key but, you have seen someone somewhere wearing something special by Sandra (say that sentence fast)


During the early 1950's The Lewis family moved from the extreme political and social restrictions of the South for a better life here in Detroit. The Matriarch and Patriarch of the family has since moved on from this earth however, their offspring Sandra (Mother) and her daughter (Missy) aim to continue the family building block of hard work despite the climate creating setbacks.


Black owned businesses doesn't always mean for black people only ;-). The Black Dress Co has sold merchandise to customers from various countries. Everyone can find at least one thing they like because the store is curated with merchandise from all around the world based on the season. And, since Sandra and Missy are native to this country, any clothing made on this soil automatically mean 'Made in America', and for some proud customers its 'Made in Detroit'



The Black Dress Co has a 'just ask' policy.

We change our look frequently so, if you do not see what you're looking for, "Just Ask"  Look for our Questions/Comments/Concern link on the home page