WE SELL ALL TYPES OF CLOTHING and and we sell it fast because most products come 1 to 3 pieces and have some exclusivity.  We do not carry alot of inventory, prices are affordable, the boutique is easy to navigate and wheelchair accessible. Parking is convenient and we're good folks. That is all ;-)

The Pandemic is allowing us to rethink our offerings and just like restaurants that scaled down their menu we are doing the same.  Join our mailing list to get updates on any future changes we implement, and we will ask some of you your opinion through a survey that will help us prepare for this fall/winter.


OFF THE RACK > Most of the clothing that we sell inStore range in common women sizes 8 to 22 of which we carry 1 to 3 of an item so, grab it when you see it. IF we do not have your your size, read below.

SPECIAL ORDERS > We may carry inStore catalogs for you to look through to order on the spot. And, when you don't see your size in the boutique we will order from our Source  if its still available. Don't worry about the FIT, we will measure you to ensure the size ordered is correct. Speaking of measuring, read below.

HAND MADE > We partner with local accessory Makers and clothing Designers each season so that customers can experience something different that they may not see in big box stores.

CUSTOM MADE > We offer alterations and sewing service on all inStore products that you buy. We do not take walkins therefore, referrals from existing customers are preferred. Prices vary however, we do expect customers to know that if a department store produced 3000 of an item at $300 across their multiple stores, we will not make an exclusive version of it for the same price. 

WEBSITE > We are finishing up this website as option to order our products and to schedule events and services. Because we sell 1 to 3 pieces of most merchandise, we will do our best to update the availability. It can sell the day that we post.


We are updating our convenient layaway policy!